About Us

Bangladesh Clinical Trials Limited (BCTL) is a new company that has been setup jointly by icddr,b and Mr. Md. Abdur Razzaq from Bangladesh in January 2020.

• icddr,b is an international health organization based in Dhaka whose mandate is to solve public health problems in the low- and middle-income countries through scientific research. icddr,b has been conducting clinical trials since its establishment in the early 1960s, to assess the efficacy of drugs already approved by Western regulatory authorities. The organization conducts credible clinical trials of international repute and has high quality laboratories, ISO certification for many routine clinical tests relevant to clinical trials, biostatistics capacity, and a dedicated in-house Clinical Trial Unit (CTU).

• The local investor is a successful entrepreneur who runs a conglomerate of 19 health-related businesses and has a keen interest in improving medical services in Bangladesh. BCTL is fully financed by the local investor who has committed up to US$ 1M over the next three years to support BCTL operations.

Our Mission

To be the preferred research partner to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies both local as well as globally by virtue of scientific competence, fast and timely deliverable, quantitative and qualitative excellence, recognition and complying global regulations.

Our Vision

To become global best-in-class Contract Research Organization that offers comprehensive services along with drug development processes for pharmaceutical, generic and biotechnology companies by creating benchmarks and shape the future of the clinical research industry ensuring quality, reliability and Value-added services.


Commitment with due diligence, honesty and integrity to foster long-term relationships with our associates. We ensure the utmost quality in in-process compliance, service excellence for customer continuation & delivering as per the client agreement.

Who We Are

Dec 2019: Joint venture between icddr,b and local private investor.

Jan 2020: Dhaka office established.

Jul 2020: Approval of Clinical Trial Centre/Contract Research Organization status by the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA).

At its inception, BCTL was intended to be a Site Management Organization (SMO) to support clinical trials in bioequivalence studies and non-communicable diseases. However, with the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, BCTL shifted its focus to build a CRO business to support the needs of our international clients. BCTL received accreditation by the Directorate General of Drug Administration as a Clinical Trial Centre/Contract Research Organization on 16 July 2020.